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This is the building where Lighthouse Baptist Church was founded by Pastor Chris Ferris May 5, 1985.


This 125 year old building, located on Meriden Rd, was home to our church for 11 years and grew from just a handful to 75. During those 11 years, 3 walls were knocked out to increase the size of the auditorium.

After outgrowing the old, white chapel, the church moved across the street to the Grange Hall of Waterbury. Here the church grew to 125 when they merged with the Victory Independent Baptist Church of Watertown in 1998.



When the church lost its lease, they temporarily moved to the Victory building in Watertown while they waited for the building over on Lakewood Rd. to be given to them. The church spent 9 months in this building packing out the auditorium every service.



In 1999, this building was given to us over on Lakewood Rd. For many years this building was a Health Club. We have seen our church grow to a high of around 170 and many new ministries.

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