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Pastor Gilbert Tartaglino & Family

Pastor Gilbert Tartaglino, Jr. was born in Torrington, CT. Through the Godly influence of his aunt who brought him and his five siblings to church, he was saved at the age of fourteen. God called him to preach while serving the Lord at Harvest Baptist Church in Charleston, SC when he was twenty-five years old. After attending Bible College, Pastor Tartaglino served as an assistant pastor with Pastor Marty Shott at Harvest Baptist Church in Torrington for ten years. Later he joined Lighthouse Baptist Church in Waterbury, CT, serving as youth pastor for a year and a half. In 2003, Pastor Tartaglino was called to be the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church where he is presently serving. He and his wife Lisa have four children: Ashley, Megan, Tre’, and Katrina.   

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Youth Pastor Gerald Hicks & Wife


Pastor Gerald Hicks was born and raised in Galloway, NJ. Through the spiritual influence of his father (who brought him to church regularly), he was saved at the age of fourteen. In his teenage years he served faithfully at Jersey Shore Baptist Church. Just before heading to Bible College, God called him into full-time Christian ministry. After graduating in 2016, Pastor Hicks began serving with the youth at Lighthouse Baptist Church in June of that same year. He and his wife Jessica were married in October 2018. On June 23, 2019, Pastor Hicks was ordained to the gospel ministry.  

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