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When you enter the parking lot, follow the sign to the back of the building. This is our main entrance. Please feel free to park in any of the parking spaces. We also have handicapped parking for those who require it.



Entering the church building, you will find an usher and helpful members to greet you with a warm welcome. Because this is a big place, we will assist you in getting settled. Once relaxed in the classes or the service, you will discover a vibrant yet peaceful environment.

Children, Teen & Adult Sunday School

  • For those with children below three years old, we provide nursery facilities for Sunday School and all services including Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Your child will be lovingly cared for by trained workers. You may come check on your child at any time during the Service. Of course, if you choose, you may keep your child with you during these times.


  • We have specific Sunday School classes for everyone four years old through adult. (We have three children’s classes, a teen class and two adult Sunday School classes). An usher or another member will gladly walk you to the class locations. Sunday school classes teach relevant truths designed to minister to a specific age group.


Sunday Morning Service

Initially, everyone will attend the main service in the auditorium (except nursery aged children who can be placed in the nursery at any time). Children four years of age through fifth grade will be dismissed to their junior church service at the appropriate time. Teens will remain with the adults.

  • You may sit in any seat that is comfortable for you and your family.

  • You will discover that people enjoy talking and fellow-shipping with one another before the service begins. We are a family and greatly appreciate one another’s company.


  • During the service, there will be a variety of gospel songs sung as a congregation. We enjoy singing. 

  • Various singers will edify us including soloists, small groups, and the choir to benefit you and prepare your heart for God’s Word during the message.

  • We use the King James Bible and encourage folks to bring their Bibles so they may follow along. Scripture reading and many Scripture references will be projected on the screen to benefit you as you worship.

  • The preaching is designed to be encouraging, challenging, inspiring, and instructing. Our pastor desires for everyone to be blessed spiritually by the message.

  • At the end of each message, we have what is called an invitation time. Everyone is welcomed or invited to come to the altar and pray. For those who do not know Christ as their personal Savior (are born again), they have a choice to come to the altar on their own. They will be assisted by a worker who will show them God’s perfect plan of salvation from the Bible. 

Going Home

When the service is finished, you will notice that the fellowship with one another continues. Pastor will also be waiting at the back door of the auditorium to greet you personally.

  • We will not dismiss your child from the nursery or junior church for safety and security purposes. The teachers will be waiting with your child until you arrive. 

  • Feel free to ask for a tour of the facility or ask any questions that you might have. Our staff and members will do their best to make you feel at home.

It is our sincere desire that you will discover us to be a friendly church and an encouragement from the pressures of life.   

We're Looking Forward to your Visit !

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